Consultation & Design


AMP is capable of handling jobs large and small. From 911 Facilities to Industrial buildings, we will assess and cater to your needs. 

Everything from a 2500’ square foot building for a temporary 911 center refit to the new, estimated 22,000’ square foot Emergency Services building or the 75,000’ square foot industrial facility, we work on all aspects of building and facility needs.

AMP works both within the United States and Internationally, working to understand and fit your needs. 


RF, Fiber, Microwave, Tower site, remote locations. AMPGS recognizes that your systems need to flow and work together. We can design the network to serve your needs. Here at AMP we have designed, fitted, and maintained multi-county microwave/fiber systems, an islands IP multi-site connection, supporting digital radios systems, and industrial clients 50 plus location business, supporting VPN, Microwave, and Verification Severs. We strive to serve you. 

RF Communications

Simulcast, Trunking, Analog, Access points. AMP knows that design is critical to fulfill your requirements. Our experience within the United States and Internationally. gives us the experience to design and support your systems, today and in the future. Our goal at AMP is to help our clients make an informed decision that will meet their needs including cost of design, installation, and maintenance of new systems, as well as maintenance, and updating equipment already in place. We will help you come to a cost-effective, informed solution. 


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